Another successful outage on a Hitachi 6500

December 21, 2022
Our Diesel division outage team completed another successful Hitachi 5600 outage recently in the Bowen Basin.

A broad group of skilled trades personnel worked together to achieve major structural repairs to the superstructure and attachment, as well as completing simultaneous module change-outs and additional component replacements included in the scope.

  • Field Mining Services Hitachi 6500 Outage Shutdown

The stick was again removed and repaired offsite by the CQFMS workshop & machining teams with a successful quick turnaround for re-install onsite within the 8-day outage. The involvement of our workshop and machining divisions completing the offsite stick repairs minimised onsite exposure to internal structural repairs and delivered a more streamlined and safer solution for the client and outage team.

Well done to all our execution teams onsite and offsite to collaboratively deliver a safe solution for our client!

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