Design and trial of Hydraulic Motivator

December 21, 2022

The FMS Group Product and Engineering team have designed and successfully trialled a Hydraulic Motivator to remove and install the carbody/truck frame from under a machine when de-decked.

The motivator reduces the duration and risk of moving the AC powered carbody/truck frame typically moved with a large bulldozer, especially for the finer adjustments required to align the centre pin with the bore when reassembling.

For this project, the client scheduled 17 hours to re-install the undercarriage. Thanks to the electric shovel hydraulic drive system, this was completed in five hours.

Some key benefits of this equipment include:

  • Can be used on either AC or DC shovels
  • Using a powerful hydraulic motor, the undercarriage can be easily turned making alignment easy
  • Eliminates risk associated with current methods, e.g. electrical risks (burning out drive motors) and interaction with mobile equipment (dozer pushing the undercarriage)
  • Setup time is much quicker than the electrical drive methods currently used

To find out more, watch our latest video:


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