Lot 8 Project

August 23, 2023
Local Mackay businesses Field Mining Services Group and Linked Group Services have collaborated in a region-first for sustainability.

The industry leaders have joined forces to complete the Lot 8 Project, an energy-efficient work shed and solar carport constructed for the FMS logistics division and situated next to the existing corporate office and workshop. This week the soil was turned and construction began on the ground-breaking venture.

The build includes Linked Group’s unique EcoPort solution, a solar car park that provides both shelter and solar power generation. It will be the first EcoPort constructed in Mackay since the company launched the product four years ago.

With FMS committing to 75% renewables in its Paget facility by 2030, partnering with like-minded local businesses to assist with this journey was paramount. The Lot 8 Project includes installation of a 200kW+ solar system, supported by a 250kWh battery storage system, with the goal of generating at least 60% of the facility’s energy intensive needs from renewable sources by 2024.

FMS Group Director Scott McDermott said the company was excited to continue making good on their sustainability strategy with this new venture.

“We settled on these sustainability targets back in 2020 and bringing to life this commitment was integrated into our planning for our Production Drive facility,” he said. “We believe in the importance of sustainability within the resources sector and renewable solutions like the EcoPort are one way we can better our practices and continue on our net zero journey.”

  • CQFMS EcoPort

The FMS Paget facility build in 2021 integrated a variety of energy-efficient solutions to help achieve renewable targets. These included:

  • Maintaining star partnership with ecoBiz (CCIQ)
  • LED lighting, sensor lighting, insulation
  • 100kw solar panel system installed on workshop roof

The team are keen to further their commitment to sustainability in the future with goals of installing a charging station that can be accessed by staff who own electric vehicles. Continuous monitoring and reviewing of energy consumption will identify areas for improvement.

Linked Group Services Managing Director Jason Sharam said it was fantastic to have the opportunity to support FMS Group on their emissions-reduction journey.

“This will be the first EcoPort we have completed in Mackay since we started installing them across the nation over the last four years,” he said. “It’s great to see such a progressive local company adopting local solutions.”

Other local companies involved in the Lot 8 Project include; Veris, Smith Services, Sunstate Garages & Sheds, Becker Sunner Consulting, Paragon Consulting Engineers, Construction Sciences, VMI Engineering, Sutton Built, Leketek Mackay, Roy Powell Security Projects, AJ Sammut Electrical, Reed Plumbing Industries and Mass Concreting.

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