Marion 8050 Tub Assembly

September 21, 2021
Implementing new technology to reduce risks to workers in confined space areas.

In 2021 CQFMS successfully completed the assembly of a new Marion 8050 tub. This tub was welded out using only electric heating equipment, to not only reduce the safety risk of introducing flammable gas to the confined space but also to improve the quality of the welding process by maintaining a more controlled temperature.

The team also developed a linked camera system to monitor confined spaces, a great example of technology reducing risks by removing spotters from confined space areas.  With more than 10 boilermakers welding inside a dragline tub, we were able to set up individual cameras on each work location. These cameras relayed to a single point on split screens and allowed direct viewing of each welder.


  • CQFMS confined spaces camera

This technology also enabled us to link all atmospheric testing monitors together, ensuring the spotter maintained control of those areas and could contact every person simultaneously to evacuate if required. This has not been possible in the past without using multiple spotters in various locations, some required to also be in the confined space to view workers.

We were thrilled with the outcome of this use of technology. While improving our efficiency, we lowered the risk on the job for our team and reduced the number of people required in the confined space.

To top it off this project was completed on time and on budget.

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