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FMS Group releases new Roller Stand product


FMS Group Engineering and Product Manager Tristan Gibson said previous solutions either lacked full engineering certifications or did not address all hazards involved during the change-out process.

There was an obvious gap in the market and the safety of workers was at risk because of it.

“Previous solutions would place the stand under the car body which was an unstable location to support the machine and lacked adequate means of increasing friction,” Mr Gibson said. “Other stands would place steel on steel, increasing the risk of the machine slipping and putting workers in the line of fire.”

Created for maintenance on hydraulic excavators from 400 to 1000 tonne, FMS Group roller stands are manufactured using restrained timber sleepers for the load point, increasing friction between the stand and track pad to prevent movement.

With a full engineering certification covering CAT6090, Hitachi EX8000 and Liebherr R9800 diggers, the stands are now sought-after by leading mining companies.

CITIC Pacific Mining technical specialists recently hired the stands and praised them for their ease of use.

“We hired a set of these stands, with intent to purchase, to carry out a complete load roller change-out on a CAT 6090 Hydraulic Excavator,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“Due to the makeshift way we have been doing this job in the past, we were keen to trial a safer and more efficient way of completing the task.

“Setting up a 1000 tonne excavator on stands was always going to come with some nerves, though we were all blown away by the ease of it.

“No more splitting of tracks, no more double-stacking of track pads and the base design of the FMS stands – with tyne pockets and timber dunnage – while simple enough, provided a real sense of security.

“We provided a purchase order within weeks of the trial without hesitation.”

FMS Group WA Area Manager Mick Adams has supervised dozens of load roller replacements over the years and said the roller stands were a much-needed solution to a longstanding safety concern.

He said reduced machine down time and setup time were additional benefits.

“The large footprint of the stands reduces ground compaction requirements, eliminating the need for compaction testing especially when used on small machines,” he said. “There is less preparation work required and in most cases all load rollers can be replaced at the same time without removing track pads. Maintenance tasks like this are made easier when you have the right equipment, designed specifically for the job and with safety in mind.”

FMS Group are continually striving to solve industry problems for a safer, more efficient work environment. With their custom designs and a dedicated Safety Lift Solutions division, FMS Group provide a range of state-of-the-art lifting solutions for excavator maintenance and aim to achieve market-leading innovation in the area of heavy earthmoving lifting.

To make an enquiry or request a quote for a set of roller stands, please contact Jason Holt or Mick Adams via email or phone:

E: enquiries@wafms.com.au or enquiries@cqfms.com.au

Ph: (07) 4952 6557

Marion 8050 Tub Assembly


This technology also enabled us to link all atmospheric testing monitors together, ensuring the spotter maintained control of those areas and could contact every person simultaneously to evacuate if required. This has not been possible in the past without using multiple spotters in various locations, some required to also be in the confined space to view workers.

We were thrilled with the outcome of this use of technology. While improving our efficiency, we lowered the risk on the job for our team and reduced the number of people required in the confined space.

To top it off this project was completed on time and on budget.

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